Lee kam Kee Xo Sauce stir fry crispy abalone

Chinese New Year nearly arrived. Have you planned what to cook for your relatives and friends? Traditional Chinese dishes including pork knuckles, lettuces and dried oysters are very popular and common among Chinese families. For me, as I love eating seafood, cooking seafood is my first priority. To shorten the cooking time, sometimes I use good quality sauces, this time, I am using Lee Kam Kee XO sauce for cooking. Without preservatives, it is healthy and convenient.

While for the abalone, with thin slices cooked by hot oil, the crispy texture makes it stand out from the dish!


Asparagus 500g, abalone 3 prices, bell peppers 2-3 pieces, 2 chive of garlic, XO sauce 2 table spoon, palm sugar


  1. Clean the abalone with brush, remove the intestines, cut into thin slices and patted dry
  2. Wash the asparagus and bell peppers, cut into crunches and small pieces respectively, cut garlic into small dices
  3. Boil a pot of hot water, place the asparagus in and cook for around 20 sec, take out and set aside
  4. Heat up the hot oil, splash the oil onto the abalone slices for few times
  5. Remove the oil from the pot, leaving around 1 tea spoon of oil in the pot, stir fry garlic dices until fragrant, add in the boiled asparagus and bell pepper, stir fry for few seconds. Add in XO sauce until fragrant, according to personal preference, add in palm sugar and taste.
  6. Place the abalone slices into the pot, stir fry for few seconds and the dish is ready to serve


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